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Shipibo – Conibo Art Exhibition, Lima Peru 2002 – ‘Una Ventana hacia el Infinito’

In 2002 the ICPNA held an exhibition called, ‘Una Ventana hacia el Infinito’ (A window into the infinite) of Shipibo – Conibo art in Lima. This is a video collage of photos I took at the exhibition. Soundtrack, Shipibo shaman

Ayahuasca – Medicine for the Soul Part 4

Ayahuasca, is regarded as the ‘gateway’ to the Soul. The fourth part of this article continues to explore this fascinating plant brew from the Amazon Rainforest. Ayahuasca is the jungle medicine of the upper Amazon. It is made from the

The Art of the Shipibo People – video clip

The Shipibo people of the Upper Amazon in Peru, have a unique and complex form of visionary art. Underlying the intricate geometric patterns of great complexity displayed in the art of the Shipibo people is a concept of an all

Ayahuasca, Shamanism and Art – a video gallery of some of my paintings

Over the years, Painting has been important to me. It’s a sort of a meditation, in which I find (as a figure of speech), brings a unity to my mind, a balance of the hemispheres so to speak. I’ve put

Communion with the Infinite – The Art and Visual Music of the Shipibo peoples of the Amazon (PDF of Original Article)

Communion with the Infinite The PDF of the article ‘Communion with the Infinite’ first published in Sacred Hoop Magazine 2005 Click to Visit our website for photo galleries and more info